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What stood out for you about the exhibit?

  • Unity, pride in culture and community
  • Love and acceptance (of one another) that are expressed
  • Hope and friendship.
  • Warmth, loving communities
  • How both communities are shown.
  • All the talent that is in our own area, the willingness of people to work together.  What started out small has grown, where will it all lead to?
  • I was deeply moved by the themes of peace and unity.
  • The energy and love for their community and all those within it.
  • How much students understood of what was going on.
  • To experience your art up close was a moving experience for me.  Your art clearly says that you understand what friendship means and peace means. 
  • Genuine interest the children have wanting peace between our neighbours.
  • How the children portrayed love, peace, harmony.  Children carry no animosity.
  • Peace
  • So many positive messages.
  • How children can vision peace.


What image came to mind for you?

  • There’s an image/picture that says Love, Friendship, Peace
  • Unity, healing
  • I started to think about the freedom in Canada, about how our country is the best- Kyle age 7.
  • The picture of the medicine wheel/peace was a good depiction of what peace is.
  • The children show no malice.
  • Flowing love and peace.
  • Peace.
  • “Building Bridges” is the image that most strongly resonates for me.
  • Our communities sharing the land willingly and safely.
  • Friendship!

What does it suggest to you about what is possible?

  • From roots of LOVE and RESPECT grows FRIENDSHIP and RELATIONSHIPS and PEACE is nurtured as a result
  • A bridge between two communities
  • It’s possible to get along with people who look different and have different beliefs and traditions.
  • It takes a little spark to create an act of love and friendship.
  • Peace is possible
  • Anything is possible
  • Trying to tell the parents to teach your children that we can all live together in the future without old stigmas
  • Peace is possible! The bible says- “and a little child shall lead them”
  • Unity of all mankind
  • If we (both native and non-native) listen to the kids- we can learn from them- just as our Traditional Teachings say.
  • Strong relations.
  • Dialogue, openness
  • We can live as good neighbours
  • That we can all be friends- that it’s all possible- Haley


What will you take away with you from seeing our exhibit?

  • A different positive view of Caledonia!
  • Kids see things clearer than most adults until we adults contaminate their vision.
  • People need to talk.  Art gives them a common medium to express their feelings.
  • I have many Native friends and have learnt about their traditions and religion and families, and I realize that we can all learn from each other.  And we all should be proud and respectful of our heritage and culture.
  • Hope
  • That my neighbours and community want to have government settle these issues that stand between us.  Most of Caledonia want it brought to an end- the land claims.  The people want these communities to stay friendly and peaceful.
  • ‘Strangers’ in a populace can be lonely but this exhibit says ‘lonely no more’ – it is not ‘us’ and ‘them’ but ‘we’ who know each others names.
  • I will take hope away with me.
  • A great feeling
  • Don’t treat a person differently because of their race.
  • There is hope for the future.
  • The bridges that are being built between Six  Nations and Haldimand peoples
  • I will take away the profound wisdom of the children.  They lead the way for those who need assistance in seeing each person has value. 
  • Amazement at the expanding flowing.
  • The children have a message for BOTH sides.
  • This is truly a legacy for our communities.
  • The artwork made me feel as though new beginnings are truly possible. 
  • That change IS possible, and with the right teachers teaching the right messages we will come together as one!!
  • Peace is possible.  Friendship is real.
  • The powers at present should take the time to view the world through our children’s eyes.
  • Bridging the gap!
  • Calming attitude
  • We must learn to respect all people- a great understanding of what is possible to achieve- love for one another.
  • A feeling (great) of inspiration and hope.

More responses:

“Messages of friendship, peace and cooperation stood out in the images.  Stronger and improved relations, based on trust, are possible when these ideas are the foundation of our relationship”

“So many talented children who have a lot to teach the rest of us.  They will become fabulous speakers and representatives for their generation.  I think this initiative is fantastic and hope to see something similar across the province and the country.”

“This exhibit was very joyful”

“I loved to see all the lovely paintings and what they meant.  If all the kids believe in the art they did, the world will be as it should be- peaceful and beautiful.”

“I love how it is just out there and simple”

“What an awesome experience!  I loved the art exhibit, it really touched my heart.”

“It just takes my breath away.”

“What a terrific exhibit and remarkable initiative.  1200 pen pals is absolutely admirable- a role model for all communities.  What a great way to promote friendship to our youth.”

“What a beautiful display of love, peace, and unity!”

“The pictures are all beautiful and inspire acceptance, the value of being open-minded.”

“Out of the mouths of babes!  Maybe it’s time for all of us adults to learn from them!”

“I really like the heart.  It shows me love.  I want the world to stop fighting- only love.”