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There have been many developments and proposals coming forth from the neighbouring community gatherings and community document. The stories have touched the lives of people as far away as Norway and Australia as well as many here at home.

We are inviting interested members of both communities to come together to form Joint Project Teams for the following proposed initiatives. Your interest, time and support are greatly appreciated by both Six Nations and Caledonia and serves to continue the relationships.

CD/DVD Project
A member of the community has come forward and offered to take the lead on rendering the document onto CD/DVD. He is looking for joint team members who share his interest and dream to assist with this initiative.

Pen Pal Project
There is a second pen pal project between the children of Caledonia and Six Nations currently underway. This project team will be invited to build upon this start, establishing and supporting the year end meeting of the pen pals and continuing other pen pal projects between the communities.

Art/Drama Project
Many people have come forward noting an inspiration to render the stories into art and/or drama. This project team would support these initiatives, and assist to organize and collect the various ideas. One of many ideas was to invite youth to develop banners reflecting the shared themes that could be displayed in both communities.

Web Site Project
As you can see a web site has been developed to make the document more easily accessible. It has been noted that many stories that relate to the document could be further archived and shared on the site as well as information about the other listed proposals, initiatives, and projects. Any one with web site experience or who would be interested in assisting with content organization may find this project fun.

Youth Sports Unity Tournaments
We invite those who love sports and wish to contribute to organizing a sporting tournament that brings the youth from both communities together in fun, partnership, and cultural sharing to take up this project idea.

If any of these initiatives interest you or you would like to take up a different idea in the spirit of the community document please contact the community team at info@neighbouringcommunities.net